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Indiana Michigan Power is investing in cleaner ways to create energy, spark creativity and light imaginations. In 2021, we generated more than 80% of our energy from emission-free sources, including solar, wind, hydro and the Cook Nuclear Plant. Our energy efficiency programs help reduce customers’ energy use, which also lowers demand for the generation of electricity. By 2030, we’re committed to tripling our capacity for clean energy.

To learn more, visit AEP’s Environment ProActive Protection and the AEP Corporate Sustainability Report.

Energy for the Next Tomorrow

What do kids know about clean energy?

Energy Efficiency Helps You and the Environment

I&M’s energy efficiency programs help reduce energy use and emissions that harm the environment. Energy-saving steps, both large and small, help to better our environment and the world we live in.

  • How much they help is up to you. The more people that participate in energy-saving programs, the more we help the environment and the more energy we save. You may be able to get a rebate too—our customers received almost $4.5 million dollars in rebates in 2021!
  • Since 2012, you have helped save over 5.7 billion kWh through I&M’s energy efficiency programs. That’s enough to power 475,301 typical homes for an entire year!
  • You helped the environment by eliminating over 91.7 million pounds of C02, SO2 and NOX emissions since 2012. That’s equivalent to the emissions from 91,786,579 gallons of gas!

Going Green at Home

Online Energy Checkup
Over 1.25 million kWh of energy was saved in 2021. The 10,966 Michigan customers and their families who installed the energy-saving items in the kit helped reduce emissions equal to taking 715 gas-powered cars off the road for one year!

LED Bulbs
In 2021, Michigan homes had 145,402 traditional light bulbs replaced with LEDs. Over 8.5 million kWh of energy was saved — enough to power 707 Michigan homes for a year. The environment was helped by reducing emissions equal to taking 1,296 gas-powered cars off the road for one year!

Income-qualified Home Energy Checkup / Weatherproofing
Over 444,000 kWh of energy was saved by customers who had a Home Energy Checkup in 2021. You helped the environment by reducing emissions equal to a gas-powered car driving 781,427 miles!

HVAC and Energy-saving Products
In 2021, you saved over 3 million kWh in energy—enough to power about 256 typical homes for an entire year! That’s equal to reducing the emissions from a gas-powered car driving 5,407,076,851 miles!

New Home Construction
In 2021, 248 homes qualified for the rebate. Those homes saved almost 4.9 million kWh hours of energy annually—enough to power about 41 typical homes for an entire year!

Going Green at Work

Prescriptive Rebates
In 2021, our business customers saved almost 14.2 million kWh with Prescriptive projects. You helped the environment by reducing emissions equal a gas-powered car driving 24,977,535 miles! More than $926,000 in rebates was paid to our Prescriptive business customers in 2021.*

Custom Incentives
In 2021, our business customers saved over 29.3 million kWh with custom projects. That’s equal to the emissions reduced by taking 4,481 cars off the road for a year! Our Custom business customers were paid more than $1.77 million in rebates in 2021.* 

Small Business Direct Install (SBDI)
In 2021, our Michigan small business customers saved over 248,000 kWh with energy-saving projects. You helped the environment by reducing emissions equal a gas-powered car driving 436,548 miles!


You can watch nesting families of this raptor species via webcam, thanks to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Soarin’ Hawk Avian Rescue, and Indiana Michigan Power.

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Data as of 2021. Prior year data updated annually in June. Rebates and participation in 2021, were impacted by COVID-related program changes. Annual energy savings based on 12,000 kWh use per year. Estimated emissions reduction calculations are made using Greenhouse Equivalencies Calculator and gross verified kWh savings by program in 2021.

The EPA calculates emissions based on U.S. national weighted average CO2 marginal emission rates to convert reductions of kilowatt-hours into avoided units of carbon dioxide emissions. Since I&M’s generation portfolio is more than 2/3 emissions-free, the kWh saved by efficiency improvements made in our service area equates to a smaller emissions reduction compared to a region where coal is primarily used. The comparisons shown are for program marketing only and not based on I&M’s specific generation mix.