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Attention! Programs Ending Effective March 31, 2021

Several of the Indiana energy-efficiency programs will end on March 31, 2021, as a result of an Order by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

More information can be found here.

Bright Ideas for Saving Energy

Saving money—and the environment—starts at home. SMART @ HOME makes it easy to save with rebates, tips like vacuuming refrigerator coils twice a year to keep the compressor running efficiently, and helpful tools. That’s smart.

In 2019, over 63 million kWh were saved through I&M’s @Home energy efficiency programs. That’s enough to power 5,278 typical homes for an entire year! You helped the environment by reducing emissions equal to taking 509 cars off the road for a year. Close to 9,000 residential customers received almost $3 million in rebates.*


I&M’s rebate programs are focused on home energy savings that make it easier than ever to save money and help the environment.

HVAC and Energy-saving Products
Rebates on HVAC and Energy-saving Products
Income Qualified Virtual Home Energy Checkup
Get 100% Off Weatherproofing Your Home
Home Energy Checkup & Weatherproofing
Get 50% off Weatherproofing for Your Home
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Saving Energy

It has never been easier to save energy at home. I&M offers a variety of useful tips, videos and other resources so you can stretch your energy dollars while also helping the environment.

TIP #50
Increase your attic insulation if joists are showing.
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Tools & Calculators

Lighting Calculator

Cooling Savings Calculator

Appliance Calculator

See How Much Energy Your Appliances Use

Explore More Ways to Save

Online Energy Checkup
Take the Online Checkup and Get a Free Kit – $25 value
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School Energy Education
Free Energy-saving Kits for Student & Curriculum for Teachers
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*Data as of 2019. Prior year data updated annually in June. Annual energy savings based on 1,000 kWh use per month. Emissions based on I&M-specific emissions data from our cleaner generation portfolio. Greenhouse Equivalencies Calculator used for kWh conversion.

Product offerings and rebates are subject to change without notice. See the specific rebate application for Terms & Conditions.