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Are you a Michigan customer?
Are you a Michigan Customer?

Your Energy Use

Energy Management Tools for Your Home

Energy Management Tools give you more control over your home’s energy use and bill. See how your home uses energy, explore ways to reduce energy use and get energy-saving tips! You can access the tools on your account.

My Bill Comparison

View your billing history and compare charges from previous month or year.

Home Energy Analysis

Using information from your Home Energy Profile gives you a better picture of your annual energy use. Find what is using the most energy in your home and get personalized energy-saving tips.

Energy Use

See how your home is using energy—in both dollars and kWh. Analyze how your energy usage compares across different years and the weather impact.

Similar Homes

See how your home uses energy compared to similar homes.

Get Alerts and Reports

Receive High Bill Alerts and Weekly Energy Reports to help you manage your budget.

  • High Bill Alerts: Alerts are emailed mid-month if your home’s monthly usage is noticeably higher than last year’s usage.
  • Weekly Energy Reports: Receive weekly emails that highlight how your home uses energy. Plus, get easy, affordable tips on how to save.

Explore More Ways to Save

Power Rewards: Smart Thermostat

Earn bill credits and get $25 by allowing your smart thermostat to automatically adjust your air conditioner when energy demand is high.

I&M Marketplace

Shop for energy-saving products from the comfort of your home and start saving today.