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Are you a Michigan Customer?

Strategic Energy Management

Strategic Energy Management

Strategic Energy Management will help move your company’s culture toward sustainability by reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Strategic Energy Management is designed for energy managers, facility managers, plant managers, maintenance supervisors and financial personnel. It offers workshops and one-on-one coaching focused on continuous improvement by integrating Lean, Six Sigma and other cost-saving and operational excellence initiatives.

A team of experts provides the training, motivation and engineering support for your business to succeed. They will help you identify and implement no-cost and low-cost operational, maintenance and behavioral changes to reduce energy consumption.

The Fact Sheet provides more information. To learn more or to enroll, email or call 833-997-0708.

Proven Methods 

  • Tracks performance and forecasts usage using a statistical energy model
  • Provides technical and educational tools, as well as other resources
  • Includes four cohort sessions and three on-site visits
  • Allows for collaboration with peers in other industries
  • Introduces you to new best practices and energy management processes

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Strategic Energy Management

Our program provides training, motivation and engineering support to move your company culture toward sustainability.