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Are you a Michigan customer?
Are you a Michigan Customer?

Smart @ Work

Put Energy Back into Your Business

Smart business owners look for ways to save. SMART @ WORK programs offer rebatestips and tools to help your business lower its energy costs. Better for the environment, and your bottom line.

Since 2012, you have helped save over 5.7 billion kWh through I&M’s energy efficiency programs. That’s enough to power 475,301 typical homes for an entire year! The environment was helped by eliminating over 91.7 million pounds of C02, SO2 and NOX. That’s equivalent to the emissions from 91,786,579 gallons of gas! More than 650 business customers received almost $2.9 million in rebates.

Energy-saving Programs

We offer many ways for customers to save money—from the Power Rewards programs to Online Energy Checkups.

Emergency Demand Response

Save energy, help the environment and improve your bottom line with energy-saving projects.

Strategic Energy Management

Our program provides training, motivation and engineering support to move your company culture toward sustainability.

Energy Management Tools

Energy Management Tools allow you to manage, track and optimize your company’s energy use.

Power Rewards: Work AC

Reduce energy use and earn bill credits.

Upgrade Your Lighting, HVAC and Refrigeration—with No Upfront Cost

We have partnered with Allumia to help make energy efficiency easy for you. Allumia designs, finances, installs and maintains your energy-efficient facility upgrades at no cost to you.

Rebates & Incentives

Our rebate programs are focused on energy savings that make it easier than ever for companies to help their bottom line and the environment.

Prescriptive Rebates

Save energy, help the environment and improve your bottom line with energy-saving projects.

Custom Incentives

Get rebates for energy-saving projects specific to your company.

Small Business Direct Install (SBDI)

Small business owners can get rebates for energy-saving upgrades.

Tips, Tools & Info

We offer a variety of useful tips, videos and other resources so you can stretch your energy dollars while also helping the environment.

It may not seem like swapping in LED bulbs or fixing a leaky steam pipe will do much to reduce your energy bill. But you’d be surprised!

Product offerings and rebates are subject to change without notice. See the specific rebate application for Terms & Conditions.