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Are you a Michigan Customer?

Energy Management Tools

Energy Management Tools for Your Business

New Energy Management Tools that give you more control over your company’s energy use and bill are now available. These tools allow you to manage, track and optimize your company’s energy use with the information provided by your Smart Meter. You can access the tools on your business account.

Manage, Track and Optimize Your Company’s Energy Use

Analyze Energy Costs and Usage 

See how your business is using energy by the day and 15-minute intervals – in both dollars and kWh.. Analyze how your energy use compares year to year, and how the weather impacts your use.

Compare Billing Trends 

View your billing history trends and compare charges from the previous month or year.

View an Energy Consumption Heat Map 

Find what is using the most energy in your building and identify any abnormal energy use patterns.

Get Personalized Energy-saving Tips

Get personalized tips on easy ways to save energy – including potential savings, carbon savings, and payback period.

Get Alerts and Reports

Receive High Usage Alerts and Energy Reports to help you manage your business and budget.

  • High Usage Alerts: Alerts are emailed mid-month if your company’s monthly usage is noticeably higher than last year’s usage.
  • Energy Reports: Summarize your company’s monthly energy use. An optional Weekly Energy Report is also available.

Get to Know How Your Business Uses Energy

If your business has a Smart Meter, log on to your account and request access from your My Account page.

A Quick Tour

These 30-second videos will give you a quick tour of the new tools.

Operation Schedule

Learn how your operations schedule overlaps with your energy consumption patterns.

Video Length: 29 seconds
Ways to Save

View ways to save based on your unique energy profile, broken down into potential savings, carbon savings and payback period.

Video Length: 42 seconds
Bill Summary

You can view your billing summary at a glance with Energy Management Tools.

Video Length: 33 seconds
Cost and Usage Trends

Learn how you can view and manage cost and usage trends.

Video Length: 36 seconds

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Smart Meters are being installed in the I&M territory through 2024. You will be notified when we are installing your new Smart Meter.

Smart Meters (AMI) have a blue label while standard meters have a red label.

Explore More Ways to Save

Energy Management Tools

Energy Management Tools allow you to manage, track and optimize your company’s energy use.

Small Business Direct Install (SBDI)

Small business owners can get rebates for energy-saving upgrades.

Product offerings and rebates are subject to change without notice. See the specific rebate application for Terms & Conditions.