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Are you a Michigan customer?
Are you a Michigan Customer?

Smart @ Home

Bright Ideas for Saving Energy

Saving money—and the environment—starts at home. We help make it easy for you to save with rebates, tips like vacuuming refrigerator coils twice a year to keep the compressor running efficiently, and energy-saving programs. That’s smart.

Since 2012, you have helped save over 1 billion kWh through I&M’s energy efficiency programs. That’s enough to power 88,807 typical homes for an entire year! The environment was helped by eliminating almost 6.7 billion pounds of C02, SO2 and NOX emissions since 2012. That’s equal to taking 672,326 gas-powered cars off the road for a year! More than 12,500 residential customers received nearly $1.2 million in rebates in 2022.*

Energy-saving Programs

We offer many ways for customers to save money—from the Power Rewards programs to Online Energy Checkup.

Power Rewards: Smart Thermostat

Earn bill credits and get $25 by allowing your smart thermostat to automatically adjust your air conditioner when energy demand is high.

Your Energy Use

Energy Management Tools give you more control over your home’s energy use and bill.

Power Rewards: Water Heater

Earn credits by allowing automatic adjustments to your water heater during peak times.

Power Rewards: iControl

Earn bill credits for reducing your energy use when energy demand is high.

Power Rewards

Find which Power Rewards program matches your home by answering a few easy questions.

Online Energy Checkup

Take the Online Energy Checkup and get FREE energy-saving products.

Home Energy Checkup–Income Qualified

Get an in-home weatherproofing checkup and energy-saving products—for FREE.

Power Rewards: Home AC

Earn bill credits by allowing automatic adjustments to your air conditioner when energy demand is high.

Watts It Cost Energy Meter

The Watts It Cost Energy Meter helps identify which electronics and appliances are power hogs.

Rebates & Products

Our rebates and energy-saving products make it easier than ever to save money and help the environment.

Energy-saving Products

Rebates on energy-saving products.

I&M Marketplace

Shop for energy-saving products from the comfort of your home and start saving today.

Tips, Tools & Info

We offer a variety of useful tips, videos and other resources so you can stretch your energy dollars while also helping the environment.

Simple things like using smaller kitchen appliances whenever possible and checking the seal on your refrigerator can save you energy in the long run.

Energy Smart Newsletter

Sign up to receive the monthly e-newsletter which is full of energy-saving ideas. To view past issues, click here.

Data as of 2022. Prior year data updated annually in June. Rebates and participation in 2022, were impacted by COVID-related program changes. Annual energy savings based on 12,000 kWh use per year. Estimated emissions reduction calculations are made using Greenhouse Equivalencies Calculator and gross verified kWh savings by program in 2022.

Product offerings and rebates are subject to change without notice. See the specific rebate application for Terms & Conditions.