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The Appliance Recycling program has ended.

The Michigan Appliance Recycling program ended on December 31, 2021. We would like to thank you for your support. I&M’s energy efficiency programs have helped reduce energy use and help the environment.

Get $40 to Recycle Your Fridge or Freezer

Outdated appliances could be adding up to $150 to your energy bill. Refrigerators and freezers made before 1993 can cost twice as much to operate than a newer model. Appliances made in the 1970s cost up to four times more to operate!

Recycling old appliances is good for your pocketbook and the environment. If you’re not ready to recycle but still want to save on energy, remember to keep your freezer full. When you have empty space in a freezer, the motor runs to keep that space cold. By using jugs of frozen water to fill the gaps, the motor runs less.

In 2020, you helped recycled 4,984 working fridges and freezers. This saved over 4.6 million kWh of energy and reducing emissions equal to taking 712 cars off the road for one year.*

How Much Your Fridge is Costing You

Use the Flip Your Fridge Calculator to find out how much your old fridge is costing you.

Recycling is Good for the Environment

The average 10-year old refrigerator contains more than 120 pounds of reusable steel. Recycled units are sent to a facility where 95% of the material is repurposed, and hazardous waste is disposed of safely.

In 2011, I&M joined the EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program. RAD is a voluntary partnership program that works with utilities, retailers, manufacturers, and others to dispose of old refrigerated appliances using the best environmental practices available—going beyond federal requirements to protect Earth’s climate and the ozone layer.

I&M’s Appliance Recycling program has protected the environment by keeping recyclable materials out of landfills and ensuring the proper handling of hazardous waste.  

Since 2011, materials prevented from going to a landfill:

  •  4,445,696 lbs. of ferrous metals (e.g., steel)
  • 204,953 lbs. of non-ferrous metals (e.g., copper)
  • 527,678 lbs. of plastic
  •  132,774 lbs. of glass

Since 2011, hazardous materials handled properly:

  • 2,409 gallons of used oil
  • 374 PCB-containing capacitors
  • 1338 mercury-containing capacitor(s)

Responsible Appliance Disposal Program

Recycling in Action

Fridge info photo



What are the rules / qualifications?


  • Must be an I&M residential customer in Michigan.
  • Must own the appliance or have written landlord approval.
  • Refrigerators and freezers must be regular household size (10-30 cubic feet).
  • Miniature and commercially sized refrigerators and freezers do not qualify.
  • The freezer must be a stand alone unit.
  • Appliance must be in working/cooling condition, empty, clean and plugged in at the time of pickup.
  • Appliance will be picked up, at no charge, from your account service address.
  • Limit of two units per customer, per year.
  • Someone 18 years or older must be home.


How are you following physical distancing for COVID-19? Will you pick up a fridge that’s inside my house?


For the safety and health of our employees, vendors and customers we are following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to these guidelines, we are practicing physical distancing and we will only pick up working fridges and freezers that are outside your home.
Someone 18 years or older must be home. However, no contact with our crew is required during the pick-up. The driver will wear a face mask and gloves, and before handling the appliance he will disinfecting the outer parts of the appliance.


Does the fridge or freezer need to work?


Yes. Your fridge or freezer must be plugged in and in working condition the day of the pick-up. If for some reason, it can’t be plugged in, we will tested at the recycling center. If it’s not in working order, it will still be recycled but you will not get a rebate.


How many appliances can I recycle?


There is a maximum of two units per customer, per year.


Can I recycle my air conditioner? Can I recycle my washer and dryer?


At this time, we are only accepting refrigerators and freezers for this rebate. The Recycling Locator will help you find a local recycling company that will take other large appliances.


Who recycles the appliances?


We partner with ARCA Recycling to provide state-of-the-art appliance recycling services. Their recycling process ensures all hazardous materials and components are removed, stored, transported and disposed of in a responsible manner in accordance with federal, state and local rules and regulations.


When will I get my rebate? Where is my rebate check mailed?


Please allow 4-6 weeks for your rebate check to arrive. It will be mailed to the account holder at the mailing address on record with I&M.


Where do I send the W-9 for my company?


If your account uses a business name (i.e. church, home business, property management company), a completed W-9 is required before your rebate can be processed.


Whom do I contact for a status on my rebate?


Please email us or call 800-311-4634.

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*Data as of 2020. Prior year data updated annually in June. Rebates and participation in 2020, were impacted by COVID-related program changes. Annual energy savings based on 12,000 kWh use per year. Estimated emissions reduction calculations are made using Greenhouse Equivalencies Calculator and gross verified kWh savings by program in 2020.

Product offerings and rebates are subject to change without notice. See the specific rebate application for Terms & Conditions.