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Are you a Michigan customer?
Are you a Michigan Customer?

Power Rewards: Smart Thermostat

Reduce Energy Use, Earn Bill Credits and Get $25

Power Rewards: Smart Thermostat pays you to reduce energy use when energy demand is high. Plus, you will receive $25 just for enrolling. Your smart thermostat will automatically adjust your air conditioner when energy demand is high, and you can earn bill credits.

Shifting energy use away from high-demand periods allows us to rely on more renewable sources of energy during peak times. This helps keep prices more affordable for you and your community, plus it helps the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

Your smart thermostat will also help you save year-round. It makes it easy and convenient to manage your home’s energy use and bill. You can adjust your thermostat on the go or simply set an automatic schedule to optimize your energy usage based on your routine.

Get Bill Credits This Summer

When energy use is high, on hot and humid days, I&M will hold a Peak Energy Use Event. During the event, your thermostat will cycle your AC compressor to reduce the high-energy demand on the grid. Your central AC fan will continue to circulate air throughout your home. This will affect the temperature by a few degrees, with minimal impact on comfort.

You can opt out of an event at any time, for any reason. Once the typical 2-3 hours event is over, your thermostat will trigger your AC system to automatically adjust the temperature to your normal setting and schedule.

You will earn $2.40 per event*. With up to 15 events per summer, the savings can add up! And you probably won’t even notice an event is taking place.

It’s Easy! Here’s How It Works

Get Connected

After you sign up, we will mail you a $25 check.

Prior to an event, we will post a “Peak Energy Event” alert on our website letting you know when the event will start and stop.

Reduce Energy Use

During an event, your AC compressor will cycle to reduce the high energy demand on the grid. Your central AC fan will continue to circulate air throughout your home. When the event is over, your thermostat will signal your AC system to return the temperature to your normal setting and schedule.

Earn Bill Credits

You earn a $2.40 bill credit per event.


Which Power Reward is for You?

For help determining the Power Reward program that matches you and your home, use the quick selection tool or review this chart. If you need help, please contact us.

Contact Us

Please email us or call 800-311-4634.


  • Must be an I&M residential customer
  • Use an eligible internet-connected thermostat for cooling
  • Have continuous Wi-Fi/internet
  • Have central air conditioning

Prior to a Peak Energy Event, we will post a “Peak Energy Event” Alert on our and letting you know when the event will start and stop. Depending on your thermostat provider, notifications may appear on the thermostat or in your web or mobile application.

Events typically occur on especially hot and humid days. They are held weekdays from May through September and typically last 2-3 hours, but will not last longer than 6 hours. There is a maximum of 15 events per summer.

You must participate in at least 50% of the event’s duration to receive the bill credit.

Wi-Fi and Smart Thermostat both qualify. Please see the chart below for details.

ProviderEligible Thermostats
Alarm.comRadio Thermostat CT30
Trane ComfortLink Control
RCS Z-Wave Communicating Thermostat
GoControl Z-wave Thermostat Smart Thermostat
2GIG Z-Wave Plus™ Battery Powered Thermostat
Trane Z-Wave Thermostat
Linear Thermostat
AmazonAmazon Smart Thermostat
ecobee3 Lite
ecobee Smart
ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control
EmersonSensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat
Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat
Google NestGoogle Nest Thermostat
Google Nest Learning Thermostat
Google Nest Thermostat E
Honeywell HomeWi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat
Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat
Wi-Fi 9000 7 Day Programmable Thermostat
9000 Smart Thermostat
7-Day Programmable Thermostat
VisionPro 8000 Smart Thermostat
Round Smart Thermostat
T5+ Smart Thermostat
T6 Lyric Smart Thermostat
T6 Pro Smart Thermostat
T9 Smart Thermostat
T10 Smart Thermostat

Yes. At any time during an event, you can opt out from your smart thermostat, mobile device or web app. However, when you opt-out you may not get the bill credit or energy savings.

You must participate in the program for at least 12 months.

The temperature will likely rise by a few degrees during an event. However, most people report little change to their comfort.The potential temperature change during events depends on a variety of factors, including the temperature outside, the home’s insulation, and if blinds/curtains are closed.

To find easy ways to help keep your home cool, see our collection of energy-saving tips.

You can enroll as many thermostats as you like; however, there is a maximum of two $25 enrollment incentives per account lifetime.

Yes, you can help save even more by joining other Power Rewards programs. However, you cannot participate in the following when enrolled in Power Rewards: Smart Thermostat.

  • Power Rewards: iControl
  • Power Rewards: Home AC
  • Critical Peak Pricing
  • Time of Day 2

The Terms & Conditions for each manufacturer and program are below:

You must participate in the program for at least 12 months to receive the $25 incentive check. If you want to unenroll after 12 months, send an email requesting to end your participation in Power Rewards: Smart Thermostat. Unenrolling will end your participation for all of your enrolled thermostats. Once you unenroll, you will not receive bill credits.

Explore More Ways to Save

Power Rewards: Smart Thermostat

Earn bill credits and get $25 by allowing your smart thermostat to automatically adjust your air conditioner when energy demand is high.

Home Energy Checkup–Income Qualified

Get an in-home weatherproofing checkup and energy-saving products—for FREE.

*During Peak Energy Events, exercise discretion and consider health impacts when reducing energy use. Your actual savings will vary, so there is no guarantee of savings. Product offerings and rebates are subject to change without notice. See the specific rebate application for Terms & Conditions.