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Are you a Michigan customer?
Are you a Michigan Customer?

Income Qualified Home Energy Checkup

Weatherproofing Your Home for FREE

Basics like good insulation and fewer air leaks can make a big difference when it comes to your home’s energy bills. Upgrading attic insulation from three inches to twelve can cut heating costs by 20% and cooling costs by 10%!

A Home Energy Checkup is an easy, hassle-free way to find energy savings throughout your home. When you schedule a no-cost checkup, you’re on your way to improving the comfort of your home and lowering your energy bills. To help you start saving, we will provide you with a kit of energy-saving products—for FREE. If your home qualifies, we could pay 100% of the cost (up to $4,000) to weatherproof your home.

Find out where you can improve and save—plus get free tips like lowering your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees to save hundreds of dollars a year—with the FREE Home Energy Checkup!

Over 4.1 million kWh of energy was saved by customers who had a Home Energy Checkup in 2022. You helped the environment by reducing emissions equal to a gas-powered car driving almost 7.5 million miles! *

Schedule a Home Energy Checkup

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Home Energy Checkup Overview

We know that when it comes to your home’s comfort, saving energy starts with one simple ingredient: the right information.

Your energy expert will work with you to identify energy-saving opportunities throughout your home, plus provide FREE energy-saving products so you can start saving immediately. The Home Energy Checkup is either an in-home visit or done virtually with a video call. The in-home checkups are only available for homes with electric heat. Virtual checkups are available for homes with either electric or gas heat. During a virtual checkup, you’ll need to walk through your home on a call.

To qualify, your household income cannot exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Your FREE Home Energy Checkup Includes:

  • A 45-minute in-home or virtual checkup with an energy expert.
  • Insulation and air leak inspections.
  • Free energy-saving products.
  • A report of energy-saving opportunities specific to your home.
  • May include bower door and infrared tests.
  • Potentially, up to $4,000 in additional weatherproofing improvements paid for by I&M, if qualified. Plus, we will help schedule the work with a qualified contractor.

Electric Heat – Valued over $86

  • LED Nightlights
  • Bathroom Faucet Aerators
  • Showerhead
  • Kitchen Aerator
  • Advanced Power Strip

Gas Heat – Valued over $37

  • LED Nightlights
  • Advanced Power Strip

Payment Assistance

We know that some of our customers may need assistance paying their bill. And we’re here to help. We have a variety of payment options to help you when you need it most. I&M also works with many organizations that can help you find local and federal assistance. Contact your local agency, visit or call 211 for more information about utility, housing, healthcare and many other types of assistance.

Contact Us

Please email us or call 833-566-0583.


  • Must be an I&M residential customer living in a single-family or duplex home.
  • Limit of one Home Energy Checkup every three years, per address.
  • Must meet household income levels of 200% of federal poverty level or below. These income levels are based on the Federal Income Guidelines published by the US Department of Energy Weatherization Program.

2024 Household Income Eligibility Guidelines*

People in HouseholdAnnual IncomeWeekly Income

*200% of 2024 Federal Poverty Guideline.

Electric Heat –If you have a monthly gas / propane bill, you most likely have gas heat.

Electric Water Heaters –These water heaters have an electrical supply cord. It looks like a thick extension cord and is generally black or gray and near the top of the water heater.

Gas / Propane Water Heaters –  Have a vent pipe on top of the water heater. It is usually a 3- or 4-inch PVC pipe that allows the exhaust created by the gas to be vented outside. Gas water heaters also have a ½-inch-thick black gas pipe going into the bottom of the tank.

There is no cost for income-qualified renters and homeowners.

Yes. An adult 18 years or older must be home during the entire in-home or virtual Home Energy Checkup. You will need to walk through your home to show the energy expert the rooms in your house.

For a virtual checkup, we will call at your scheduled virtual appointment time. You will need to be home so you can show the energy expert, via video call, the rooms in your house. You will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone that can do a video call via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or WebEx.

It will take 30-45 minutes for our energy expert to perform the checkup of your home. It would be helpful to make a list of any known problems like drafty or uncomfortable rooms.

Mobile homes do not qualify.

Power strips are often used to expand existing electrical outlets in a home. However, commonly plugged-in devices such as TVs, computers, media players and printers continue to use power when in standby mode on a traditional power strip. Often known as “phantom power” or “vampire power,” this electricity drain adds about 10% to your energy bill. Reducing or eliminating its presence can mean serious energy savings.

The Advanced Power Strip makes it easy to eliminate phantom and standby power losses without ever unplugging the equipment. The Advanced Power Strip intelligently cuts off power to connected devices when they’re not in use. If you need help setting up the Advanced Power Strip, view the video tutorial or see the instructions.

If you have an in-home Energy Checkup, we will install the energy-saving products during the checkup. If you have a Virtual Energy Checkup, your kit will arrive in 4-6 weeks. The kit will be sent to the mailing address on your I&M account. If you have an out-of-state address (not Indiana or Michigan), the kit will be sent to your service address. If you have a PO Box or forwarding request at USPS, you may be charged USPS forwarding fees.

No. We do not offer replacement windows through any of our energy efficiency programs.

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Data as of 2022. Prior year data updated annually in June. Rebates and participation in 2022, were impacted by COVID-related program changes. Annual energy savings based on 12,000 kWh use per year. Estimated emissions reduction calculations are made using Greenhouse Equivalencies Calculator and gross verified kWh savings by program in 2022.

Product offerings and rebates are subject to change without notice. See the specific rebate application for Terms & Conditions.