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To Know is to Save

Get out of the dark on saving energy! I&M offers a variety of resources that measure how much energy your home uses and which appliances are energy guzzlers, plus a variety of other online energy calculators.

My Energy Use

24/7 access to your home’s energy use

Watts it Cost

Portable energy meter that measures energy use on everyday appliances

Calculators & Apps

Online energy calculators and easy ways to check and save on energy

Payment Assistance

We have a variety of payment options to help you when you need it most.

Tip of the Day

TIP #31
Other Energy Savers
“Smart” power strips can help reduce “phantom” energy use.
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Explore More Ways to Save

Appliance Recycling
Get $40 by Recycling Your Old Fridge or Freezer
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LED Bulbs
Get Instant Rebates on LEDs
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