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The Online Energy Checkup Program has Ended

The Indiana Online Energy Checkup rebate program ended on March 31, 2021 as a result of an Order by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC). More information can be found here. 

Over 4.6 million kWh of energy was saved in 2020. The 16,989 customers and their families who installed the energy-saving items in the kit helped reducing emissions equal to taking 715 cars off the road for one year.*

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Switch to LED light bulbs. These bulbs use 90% less energy than typical incandescent bulbs, and they last 25x longer. Replacing just five bulbs can save $75 a year.
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* 2012-2019 results. 2020 results are still being finalized.

*Data as of 2020. Prior year data updated annually in June. Rebates and participation in 2020, were impacted by COVID-related program changes. Annual energy savings based on 12,000 kWh use per year. Estimated emissions reduction calculations are made using Greenhouse Equivalencies Calculator and gross verified kWh savings by program in 2020.