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Saving energy doesn’t have to cost you. I&M’s rebate programs focus on home energy savings and make it easier than ever to save money and help the environment. I&M also offers plenty of helpful energy-saving tips along the way—like lowering the temperature on your water heater. That’s smart.

Since 2012, you have helped save over 3.8 billion kWh through I&M’s energy efficiency programs. That’s enough to power about 321,131 typical homes for an entire year!*

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Appliance Recycling
Get $40 to Recycle Your Fridge or Freezer
Online Energy Checkup
Take the Online Checkup and get a Free Kit — $25 Value
LED Bulbs
Get Instant Rebates on LEDs
Home Energy Checkup & Weatherproofing
Get 50% off Weatherproofing for Your Home
Income-Qualified Home Energy Checkup & Weatherproofing
Get 100% Off Weatherproofing Your Home
HVAC and Energy-saving Products
Rebates on HVAC and Energy-saving Products
New Home Construction
Rebates for Building Energy-efficient Homes
School Energy Education
An Energy-efficiency Curriculum and Free Kit for Each Student
IM Home
Reduce Energy Use During High Demand and Get Paid

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TIP #2
Check insulation levels throughout your house. Measure attic insulation with a ruler, and check behind switch plates for sidewall insulation.
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LED Bulbs
Get Instant Rebates on LEDs
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Appliance Recycling
Get $40 by Recycling Your Old Fridge or Freezer
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*Data as of 2019. Prior year data updated annually in June. Annual energy savings based on 1,000 kWh use per month. Emissions based on I&M-specific emissions data from our cleaner generation portfolio. Greenhouse Equivalencies Calculator used for kWh conversion.

Product offerings and rebates are subject to change without notice. See the specific rebate application for Terms & Conditions.