How does it work?

The Work Energy Management (WEM) program combines technology with energy expertise, allowing I&M’s customers to save energy through a light touch approach to demand response. Slight adjustments to building temperature and lighting levels occur during peak load periods – with you in control at all times.

1. Set your building preferences & forget it

An I&M-provided Energy Agent is installed within your facility and interacts with your building-control system to automatically adjust temperature and non-essential lighting levels based on parameters that you determine. You will have access to a Customer Portal which enables you to adjust your settings at any time.

2. Enjoy business as usual

When energy demand increases, I&M signals the Energy Agent to lower your building’s energy consumption by decreasing lighting levels or adjusting your thermostat. Real-time monitoring technology ensures that your building’s environment is maintained to the standards you’ve determined – so any changes to lighting and temperature are barely noticeable to you and your customers. And it’s all automated so no manual intervention is required.

3. Rest easy knowing you’re in control

If necessary, you can easily override the Energy Agent with just the push of a button so complete control of your building environment remains entirely within your hands.

By working together, customers can take more control over their energy usage.

As a no cost extension to your existing service, I&M and our implementation partner, Innovari, provide all of the necessary tools, technology, and services that you need to participate. In return, you agree to allow I&M to automatically adjust building temperatures and non-essential lighting levels for short periods of time when demand for energy is high. These adjustments are based on parameters that you pre-establish and are dynamically controlled to minimize any noticeable impacts to building operations or comfort. For more information on the program qualifications, please call 1-855-877- WEMM (855-877-9366), 8 am to 5 pm, or email WEM Customer Inquiry to sign up.

This program is designed for commercial and industrial customers. Please call 855-877-WEMM or email to determine eligibility.

Simply complete a non-binding site survey approval form that grants permission for Indiana Michigan Power to conduct an on-site evaluation of your building equipment. Using the information obtained during the site survey, I&M will prepare a comprehensive site review and recommend program participation options. If you choose to enroll, a customer site agreement outlines all participation requirements and incentive details.

No cost installation and support provides value for customers with, or without, building management systems (BMS). Facilities with a BMS could achieve 1%-3% energy savings. The WEM technology acts as an entry-level BMS for facilities without an existing system, providing energy savings of 5%-7%.

As part of your participation level, your company may receive an annual cash incentive, based on your usage and tariff.