Welcome to the first installment of the semi-monthly IM Home/OE Newsletter.
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IM Home Summer Roadmap



What to expect in IM Home v1.0

A mobile app download for iOS through Test Flight with the same set of features as the Orchestrated Energy web interface:

  • Create an account
  • Complete home profile
  • Connect ecobee3(s)
  • View OE dashboard

Also, it includes the ability to migrate data from OE to IM Home (sign in with OE login credentials). If you already have connected your ecobee3(s) and filled out your home profile, that data will get migrated to IM Home when you sign in.

What’s Next with Orchestrated Energy

  • Thermostats will be in learning mode through early June
  • Summer cooling optimization begins on June 6
  • Cooling season results will be shared in late August

In the off-chance that the temperature of your home leads to any discomfort during the summer cooling optimization period, please feel free to adjust your thermostat as you normally would. For any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us at OE – support@tendrilinc.com or call 720-921-2575 (M-F 9am-5pm MST/MDT).

Our goal with this regular communications is to update you on the status of our effort, provide need-to-know information and deliver the latest results of our program. We are thrilled to be undertaking this effort together. Because we are implementing new technologies that will ultimately define the energy experience for millions of customers, it is vital that we stay in continuous contact and address any questions you may have. Thanks for your time and for partnering with Tendril to implement and test this groundbreaking technology.

How do OE and IM Home work together?

We’ve been getting some questions on the difference between OE and IM Home. We address that here:


IM Home is the unified platform that provides all of the information your customers need about their energy usage. IM Home will ultimately become the central point of communications between utilities and their customers. While the initial release will focus on the Orchestrated Energy module, future releases include integration with High Bill Alerts, Bill Payment and Notifications, Outage Alerts and Reporting, Energy Efficiency Tips and Actions, and so much more. And because it’s a mobile first application, we make it easy to engage and participate with customers wherever they are.

Orchestrated Energy is a home energy management solution that aims to drive efficiency and peak load reduction, without sacrificing customer comfort. Orchestrated Energy is the first user journey that will live within the IM Home Platform. By leveraging our Home Simulation Model, we can make high precision predictions and optimizations of the cooling or heating system in the home in order to find “the best” way to heat or cool a house on any given day. This approach allows us to run these algorithms and controls everyday of the year rather than the traditional approach of running a handful of events per year.

Test Flight

We’re using TestFlight for rapid application iteration through summer 2016 so that versions of the app are available to participants without having to submit the app to the App Store. Whenever there’s a new iteration of IM Home available, you can download it through the TestFlight app. When there is another version available, you will get a notification from the TestFlight app. After receiving the notification, go to the TestFlight app and update the your IM Home app by clicking the “Update” button.

May 2016 Key Metrics