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Kay Manufacturing earned a $50,000 rebate check for implementing Smart LED technology and other lighting improvements at its Shoreham, MI plant. These lighting upgrades will save more than 631,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, that’s enough to power 80 homes!

“We’re so precise with our lighting that of all the 230-some fixtures out there, we can determine exactly what we need and control each light individually. It’s a lot of fun, and it gives us the exact control that we were looking for. By taking advantage of the I&M program, the company will deliver on being cost-effective and energy efficient for both our customers and our workforce.” 

—Brian Pelke, President of Kay Manufacturing

Whirlpool saved money through I&M’s rebate credits on upgrades to energy-saving equipment for their chiller plant optimization project.

The YMCA received a $20,000 rebate check for installing LED lights in their new facility.

Indiana Michigan Power presented the YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne with a check for $20,303.04 for their energy-saving measures at the new Jackson R. Lehman Family YMCA.

The incentive check is based on a total savings of 338,384 kilowatt-hours of energy usage anticipated annually at the new facility. The energy savings comes from using LED lights throughout the new facility off St. Joe Center Road, west of Maplecrest. Lighting in the parking lot also comes from energy-saving LEDs.

“As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we make efficiency and sustainability a priority. By saving money through this program, we continue to advance our cause of strengthening our community through our mission which is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.” 

—Marty Pastura, President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne

“I&M is pleased to work with the YMCA to save energy and money using this common-sense energy efficiency program.” 

—Nick Elkins, Director of I&M Customer Services & Business Development

Coastal Partners has earned $100,000+ in energy incentives by making lighting efficiency improvements throughout its facility.

With assistance from Havel Brothers, Coastal Partners retrofitted existing lighting fixtures with nearly 1,000 T5 high bay lights, an upgrade anticipated to cut power costs in half. Recognizing yet another saving opportunity, Coastal Partners installed occupancy sensors that will help monitor and control energy usage when the space is unoccupied.

In addition to lowering its power bills, the environmentally responsible upgrades earned Coastal Partners $108,445 in rebates. Moreover, they’re helping the company reduce its environmental footprint by an estimated 665,418 kWh annually.

“Over the past several years, we have been working diligently to reduce our carbon footprint. Energy programs helped us significantly reduce energy usage at our Fort Wayne facility and improve the lighting, and rebates brought the payback period down to where there was no reason not to do the project.”

– Brett Baumgarten, CEO, Coastal Partners, LLC

Millennium Industries earned a rebate check for more than $38,000 thanks to lighting improvements that will reduce energy use at its 150,000-square-foot facility in Ligonier. Kendall Electric, a local electrical distributor, spearheaded the project. Millennium upgraded to high-efficiency T5 lighting fixtures and installed occupancy sensors. The company anticipates saving enough on energy costs to pay for the project in just over nine months.

“It’s important to us to reduce our carbon footprint, and energy efficiency programs have made it easier for us to accomplish that goal.”

– Jason Eytcheson, Millennium plant manager

The City of South Bend earned a rebate check for more than $30,000 through energy-saving upgrades made in three of its downtown parking garages. The City’s Energy Office installed new lighting fixtures and replaced numerous lights with new light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs in the Main and Colfax Streets garage, the Leighton garage, and the Wayne Street garage.

“The City will get a full return on its $250,000 investment in about two and a half years.”

– Jon Burke, South Bend’s Municipal Energy Director

I&M’s Custom Incentive program saved Mullinix Packages more than 60% on energy-efficient upgrades.

I&M’s program-approved RCxL service provider performed a weeklong study of Mullinix’s compressed air system. The study found that air leaks and timer-based drains caused significant artificial demand and excessive wasted air, and the service provider recommended energy-efficient upgrades to the compressed air system.

The service provider located and repaired any leaks, then focused on upgrades for the facility’s 1,650 HP system. This included the installation of 34 no-loss drain valves that reduced the amount of wasted air. A flow control valve allowed for the reduction of artificial demand which lowered the system pressure to 87psi and stabilized it within 3psi under normal operations. The measures installed helped save on compression ratio and wear on the compressors. The valves also extended the life of the equipment and reduced potential leaks.

By optimizing the system and controls, the facility was able to save an estimated 2.8 million kWh per year. Since the upgrade, more lines are capable of running for greater production periods, resulting in increased output of product and profits. The service provider trained the Mullinix facility team on the new equipment to ensure the newly upgraded system performs at the highest standards for achieving results. The total capital investment of $237,284 was offset by an incentive check from I&M worth $148,488.

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