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Get Rebates for Small Businesses

Save energy, save money and help the environment—you can do all three with I&M’s Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) rebates. The SBDI rebates are for small business owners to help offset the cost of energy-saving upgrades that are cleaner, greener and more cost-effective. 

And, remember to save even more on energy through simple changes like cleaning or replacing HVAC air filters on a regular basis.

Flower plugIn 2021, our Michigan small business customers saved over 248,000 kWh with energy-saving projects. You helped the environment by reducing emissions equal to a gas-powered car driving 436,548 miles!

Energy-saving Projects

Choose from a list of energy-saving projects for Michigan. 

Projects include:

  • Lighting
  • Lighting Controls
  • Strip curtains
  • LED lighting in refrigerated cases
  • Anti-sweat door heater controls
  • Auto door closers
  • Night covers
  • Floating head or suction pressure controls
  • Refrigeration motors and control

How to start? Please contact one of our approved SBDI Trade Allies.

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Trade Ally Directory

Trade Allies are our valued contractors and service providers that partner with us to deliver energy efficiency products and expertise directly to you.

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Please email us or call 833-997-0708.



What are the rules / qualifications?


  • Must be an I&M commercial customer.
  • Monthly energy demand must be less than 150kW per site.
  • Installation must be done by an I&M approved SBDI Trade Ally
  • Lighting fixtures must be a one-for-one replacement and approved by I&M or on one of these qualified product lists.


What are the deadlines to submit my rebate?


Applications must be received by December 15, 2023 to complete SBDI projects. Applications received after this date will be processed at 2024 incentive levels.


What are program incentive caps?


$3,000 per site or $21,000 per company across multiple sites per program year. Funds are limited and paid on a first come, first served basis.


Will you do an on-site energy assessment to help me plan what I need?


Yes. Our qualified SBDI Trade Allies will do free on-site energy assessments. Contact an SBDI Trade Ally to schedule an appointment.


How do I get started? What is the process?


  1. Contact us to determine if you qualify.
  2. Schedule a free on-site energy assessment with your SBDI Trade Ally.
  3. Have your SBDI Trade Ally install and complete the approved upgrade.
  4. Have your SBDI Trade Ally submit an application within 30 days of project completion, or by December 15, 2023.


When will I get my rebate? Where is my rebate check mailed?


Rebates can be mailed to the company designated on the Completion Form of the application. This can be the customer or the contractor/Trade Ally. Rebates are mailed within 4-6 weeks after final documentation is received.


Whom do I contact for a status on my rebate?


Please contact us for rebate status.

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Product offerings and rebates are subject to change without notice. See the specific rebate application for Terms & Conditions.