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Discover More Ways to Save on Energy

I&M offers a variety of educational and fun resources to help customers save on energy. Check out the videos below to learn about Home Energy Checkups, lighting tips and more.

Powering the Next Energy-Saving Idea

Smart @ Home Hairstylist
Powering the Next Energy-Saving Idea
Length: 15s

Smart @ Home Cookout
Powering the Next Energy-Saving Idea
Length: 15s

Smart @ Home Chef
Powering the Next Energy-Saving Idea
Length: 15s

Smart @ Work Mechanic
Powering the Next Energy-Saving Idea
Length: 15s


Lighting Style
LEDs come in all shapes and sizes! Choose the right ones for you.
Length: 36s

Ways to Save on Lighting
Get rebates on LED bulbs
Length: 24s

Lighting Color
Choose the right color for your room.
Length: 24s

Ways to Save Tips

Smart Meters
Smart meter give 24/7 access to your home’s energy use, easier bill management and faster power restoration in the event of an outage.
Length: 2m44s

More Tips for Saving Energy at Home
Even more ways to save at home.
Length: 2m53s

Top 10 Energy Tips to Help You Save Money!
Get practical tips on saving energy you can start using today.
Length: 2m35s

Why Should I Save Energy?
It’s storytime! Sit down with the kids for a fun story about why it’s important to think about how we use energy.
Length: 4m44s

Energy Efficiency is Like …. Peanut Butter?
Unique ways to think about energy, how we use it and why it’s important.
Length: 2m

Home Energy Checkup
Learn more about I&M’s Home Energy Checkup.
Length: 30s

Tip of the Day

TIP #46
Dust light fixtures/bulbs regularly. A heavy coat of dust can block up to 50% of the light output.
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Explore More Ways to Save

I&M Electric Ideas Rebates

I&M’s rebate programs are focused on home energy savings that make it easier than ever to save money and help the environment.

Discover all rebate options available for your home.

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